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リクルート 株式クスダ会社

  We aim at the personnel development for a satisfiying life through the high qualty production
  of MADE IN JAPAN pass.
  We will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2020, holding next Tokyo Olympic Games.
  Shall we make your way together to the future?

  Adoption and a part time interview at any time in the middle of a new graduate.
  Interviews are available for the new graduates, the graduates and part-time worker.

Location of business  2140 Ouda-shimocha Uda-city Nara 
 Tel : 0745-83-1131
Educational background  Unmentioned
Experience  Unmentioned
Contents of job  Casting production, Orecision machinery parts processing,
 Sales,Management, and International business   etc.
Office hours  8:00〜17:00( less than 2000hours / year )
Pay rise  1 time  ( March ) / year 
Bonus  2 times ( August and December ) / year 
Retirement age  65 years old

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