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経営理念 和と前進


    We have tried hard as a specialized manufacturer for cast iron and casting,aiming at a contribution
    to the society about 90 years since foundation.
    Taking advantage of the foundry technique cultivated by tradition which based on Unity and Advance,
    we always aim at higher quality product with a consistent production system from casting tomachining
    and state-of-the-art equipments to meet our customers needs.

楠田 恵則


 Company name   KUSUDA Co., Ltd.
Foundation   September 1920
Establishment   December 1954
Capital   35,000,000(JPY)
Employee    50
Location   Headquaters/Factory  2140 Oudashimocha Uda-city Nara  633-2170  
  TEL : 0745-83-1131(main number)   FAX : 0745-83-2790
  E-MAIL : kcc@aqua.ocn.ne.jp 
Officer   President Yoshinori Kusuda
Business line   Flake graphite cast iron(FC150〜300)
  Mock up , Die and Mold, Plastic mold
  Painting, Heat treatment
Production capacity
  Flake graphite cast iron(FC)  
  Fran self-hardening closed method line factory     100t
  DISA continuity casting factory                   200t
  NC lathe                     15
  Machining center                  13
Main customers   DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. Machine tool parts  
  TSUBAKI E&M CO. Reduction-gear parts  
  NIPPON DOOR CHECK MFG. CO., LTD. Floor hinge parts  
  KITO Co., Ltd.  Hoist, Chain block parts  
  DAISHOWA SEIKI CO LTD. tool parts  
  Takakita Co., Ltd.  Agricultural machine parts  
  Taiyo Kikai Shouji Co.,Ltd. public-works construction materials 
  many others  


Sept. 1920 Founder Seiichi Kusuda (the first president) establishes Kusuda foundry             
  by joint management with a brother-in-law at Yodogawa district in Osaka-city. 
Apr. 1935 At the present location, the Uda metal factory was founded for small-factory-in-town 
  attraction ordinances. 
  An operating was started as a casting parts factory under exclusive contract with 
  Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1954 The company name changed to Kusuda cast iron Co., Ltd.
  Seiichi Kusuda is inaugurated as the first president. 
  The sales activities started for general industrial machinery. 
Oct. 1961 Establishment of Machining factory, an operating was started. 
Apr. 1975 Installation of DISA continuity casting line
May 1978 Installation of Furan self-hardening factory was established. 
Oct. 1981 Installation of Material-testing analysis room
Nov. 1986 Shinya Kusuda is inaugurated as the president. 
May 1989 Establishment of Completion casting factory.
Sept. 1989 The company name changed to Kusuda Co., Ltd. 
Apr. 1990 Establishment of the 2nd machining factory
    Installation of MC pallet pool processing machine
Aug. 1990 Installation of Furan self-hardening line
   Installation of 1st painting system machine (PRC line) as a joint development with KITO Co., Ltd. 
Apr. 2000 Extension of machining factory (large-sized lathe-turning processing)
Apr. 2002 Extension of machining factory (precision machining spcialized for SC)
Apr. 2005 Establishment of the 3rd factory
    Yoshinori Kusuda is inaugurated as the president. 
Aug. 2013 Reconstruction of DISA main part linear drive