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Main equipment      
Equipment  Specification   number    Capacity, Manufacturer  
  Casting   Sand mold modeling   DISA2013   1500mold/day
  Furan self-hardening line   80mold/day
  Smelter   Water cooled cupola    3ton/hour
  Shot blast   Hanger type    Φ1500
  Apron type    3ton/hour
  Machining     NC lathe   10-12inch chuck  16   DMG MORI SEIKI
  18inch or more chuck   DMG MORI SEIKI
  Machining center     Horizontal    DMG MORI SEIKI
  Vertical  12   DMG MORI SEIKI
  5-surface processing machine     DMG MORI SEIKI
  Inspection   Universal tester etc. many   SHIMADZU etc.
  Measuring instrument   many   Mitutoyo etc.
  Carrying device     Lift, Hoist etc. many   Komatsu,KITO etc.

  Die and Mold, Mock up     Overseas included
  Shell mold   For mass-production  
  Casting (overseas included)     FCD material and large casting  
  Machinning   10     5-surface processing machine, single machine  
  Precision polishing   General
  Surface treatment    General
  Heat treatment   Hardening etc.
  Jigs & tools    Jig for mass-production processing